Community Volunteer: Stan Booker

I taught woodworking at Ochoa for eight years before retiring in 2005.  The idea of a garden was suggested many times during my years there.  Since gardening is one of my favorite hobbies, I became interested and was willing to contribute my woodworking skills towards the effort.  In short, the idea came to fruition when Katy Pearce got involved with the nutrition and gardening program.  She became the driving force behind my willingness to contribute, because in retirement, I wanted something meaningful to do and this project gave me the chance to continue using woodworking with the students and also within the context of my interest in gardening.  Katy taught next door to me and I grew to like her as a friend and as an effective teacher.  So I was happy to have the opportunity to work with her on the great ideas she had for the gardening project.  Over time, she also became like a daughter to me.  I have two sons and she is just exactly the age between the both of them.  So just imagine having a daughter who had the same interests and then we could build things together.  So, I have continued to volunteer over these past eight years and found it to be one of the most meaningful experiences.  I plan to continue to contribute as much as I am able to this project and hope that it remains viable.

Stan Booker

Volunteer since 2005