A Day in the Park with Soulciety

Interns from Project EAT’s Summer Youth Employment Program shared nutrition information and engaged in physical activity with parents and families at a recent Soulciety day in the park.  Some of the activities included Food & Fitness Festival stations that promoted eating more fruits and vegetables and participating in daily physical activity.

Music sounded throughout Memorial Park in Hayward as the Soulciety DJ, Aaron Horner, played on throughout the day.  Soulciety interns provided tasty and healthy snacks to all that passed by their table.

Children and their parents jumped rope at the Move It station, while others tasted a juicy orange slice at the Make My Plate table.  Participants learned about the importance of increasing their heart rate during physical activity at the Pulse station.

Alejandra Alvarado at the Make My Plate station (along with Jahdai Crawford in main photo)

Jazari Coleman and Jesse Owens at the Pulse station

Marcos Patino and Krystal Rollins at the Move It station

 (Baron Brown, not pictured, was also at this station)

By Debra Israel