Falling into Winter at San Lorenzo High School

As we move toward the Winter Solstice and a holiday break, San Lorenzo High School students and interns reflect on what they've accomplished so far this year!

Environmental Leadership Class

"I tasted my first fresh peas and carrots from a garden with Ms. Kate. Wow! They taste so different and I never liked carrots before!"

"I liked sharing, making stress balls for the school, and talking about what foods help us better deal with stress. We made chamomile tea from the garden as a calming drink, yum!"

"Pruning the raspberries wasn't fun, but it looks so much better now and that was cause we worked as a team to get it done."


Get Fresh Stay Healthy!

"Going to the Boys and Girls Club has been so fun - they love us teenagers and I feel like a real leader helping them learn more about cooking healthy food."

"I liked making art from potatoes with the kids.  Who ever knew you could paint with a radish, and then dip it in hummus and eat it!?"



"Our project is really starting to excite me! We are figuring out how to research our issue about lack of information on our food at school."

"I liked our big day at Tennyson and learning about unions and food movements with the other students.  And I never knew I liked kale soup."

"Our team is working hard to figure out our research questions and make our dreams for Kale Yea Week happen."

"Ms. Kate makes the best kale chips ever!"


Garden Mentors

"I want to be a mentor that kids can look up to. I want to be able to guide them well and set a good example."

"I want to be the kind of mentor that is energized and makes the subject of gardening and nutrition look cool! The idea is that the kids will see me energized and ready to do it and will think it is really interesting."

"What I really want to bring to my group when I meet them is entertainment and make gardening fun so that they really can grasp it, just like me!"