Garden Beautification at Aspire College Academy

I helped out at a gardening event for Aspire for the kids and teachers.  I think this event helped Oakland so people can see what a healthy lifestyle is and them knowing they can do the same themselves.  I felt great helping out the community and improving a school.  My highlight was when I saw a girl and a grandma plant together and having a great time.

- By Omar

Last Saturday was a great experience for me to help and attend this event.  Project EAT went to Aspire College Academy and helped out on Garden Day to show elementary kids how to be healthy and how to plant.  We had the Bike Blender, planting, and the water station.  I helped out with the Bike Blender and planting.  I believe this event helped the community by having a cleaner environment and showing kids how to plant, so later on they can plant in their homes. 

It was such an excellent experience to attend this garden day event.  Something that happened that day was persistence: two adorable elementary boys went to the bike station and they kept looking but wouldn't dare to try it.  One boy kept looking at the bike and was with his other friends.  One of his friends said, "You can't get on top; you're too small for big bikes."  The kid got discouraged and walked away.  After a few minutes, he came back and I told him, "Come on, I'll help you."  He responded, "I'm too small for big bikes.  I told him, "No, you're not.  You can do it.  I'll help you."  He thought for a while and left.  Next time, he came and decided to get on, and I helped him and he looked so GLAD he tried it!

- By Maria