Harvest of the Month

Rethink Your Drink at Maya Lin Elementary

by Project EAT Staff

On May 15th, 5th grade students from room 20 at Maya Lin Elementary School prepared and enjoyed a refreshing fruit drink to cool them down on a warm spring day.

Rethink Your Drink at James Monroe Elementary

by Project EAT Staff

James Monroe’s first graders had the chance to rethink your drink on Tuesday, May 19th.  After, discussing their preferred drink choice where many gave answers like juice or the ever-popular soda, we p

Rethink Your Drink at Cherryland Elementary

by Project EAT Staff

What a refreshing way to end the day!

Our fifth-grade class enjoyed beverages made with the lovely 3 gallon, BPA free, reusable, water dispensing container gifted from Project Eat.

Kindergartners Drinking Healthy at Eden Gardens

by Project EAT Staff

On Friday, May 15th Room 1 Kindergartners at Eden Gardens participated in a Rethink Your Drink activity.   The students discussed the different types of drinks, which drinks are healthy and which drinks were not as h

Rethink Your Drink at Lorin Eden Elementary

by Project EAT Staff

The Rethink Your Drink tasting was a success! All the students in room 24 loved the flavored water. At first a few thought it was supposed to taste just like orange juice, sugary and thicker.

Rethink Your Drink at Grant Elementary's Garden Day

by Project EAT Staff

On Saturday, March 28th, Grant School hosted their Spring Garden Day.  During this work day, we offered families a tasty twist on water!  We cut up oranges and added fresh mint from our garden.  Once we added water, we had a yummy drink that just