High School Student with a Passion for Helping Kids to be Healthy!

In the beginning of my senior year I knew I had a passion for kids so I wanted to take my passion and make a change not only for children everywhere but also for myself. I noticed a big issue in society is that fast food restaurants are making people obese, more than in previous years. Young kids are the most impacted because they have a higher chance of getting various types of health issues related to their diet because of their age. My idea was to talk to kids in every grade and try and get them to find alternatives to replace fast food, so when I noticed that Food Corps had the same idea as me I decided to work together one on one so we can slowly but surely get kids to eat healthier. This project is very important to me because half my family has diabetes and I don’t eat healthy at all so if I help kids make a change and find alternatives while I change the way I eat as well my plan can be successful. An action we’ve done so far has been a cooking class. We encouraged kids to make their own variety of salad with greens we grew from our garden. Overall the experience was successful, all the kids participated and enjoyed eating the salad they created.

- by Jenni, Intern a MetWest High School