Kindergarten Students at Eden Gardens Elementary Celebrating Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

The Kindergarten Students in room 1 at Eden Gardens Elementary School celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday by having Green Eggs and Ham.  The students enjoyed chopped ham along with scrambled eggs made green with food coloring and parsley.  To accompany this meal, the Kindergarten students were offered sliced mushrooms, chopped spinach, diced cherry tomatoes, mandarin oranges, and slice strawberries.  We drank ice water flavored with freshly sliced oranges.  

At first, many of the students were reluctant to try any of the vegetables.  But slowly, they started to ask for seconds and even thirds.  I am pleased to say it was a great success learning about eating healthy while being inspired by Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham.  At the end of the celebration, everything was devoured.  The kids were so excited, they left beaming with smiles and wanting to share the experience of eating healthy at school.  Many of the students told me they wanted to do this at home too.  

-by Carolyn Barrientos