Kindergartners Drinking Healthy at Eden Gardens

On Friday, May 15th Room 1 Kindergartners at Eden Gardens participated in a Rethink Your Drink activity.   The students discussed the different types of drinks, which drinks are healthy and which drinks were not as healthy. 


With the help of a few students, I filled a container with cold water.  Next, I demonstrated how to properly and safely slice oranges.  Then the students placed the orange slices into the cold water.  After waiting 30 minutes for the oranges to flavor the water, the class was able to enjoy the new drink they created.  Some of the students assisted in pouring and distributing the glasses of water to everyone.  The students thought it was delicious and wanted to try it at home.  To conclude the activity, each of the students wrote how to make orange flavored water.  The activity was a blast and I highly recommend that everyone try it!  

- By Carolyn Barrientos