Palma Ceia Elementary: How Does Our Garden Grow?

Students and parents came out on a beautiful sunny and warm day to share their love for the school garden and the earth. 

With spring in the air our fruits and vegetable plants are growing rapidly; their home and surrounding area in need of care.  Weeding, harvesting, and watering were the order of the day.

It was inspiring to see and hear the enthusiasm and respect both parents and students had for the garden and the earth.  Looking closely as they worked brought rewards of little critters that help out in the garden as pollinators and decomposers including ladybugs, pill bugs, earwigs, and butterflies.

Cabbage, fava beans, and mint were harvested for the dinner table.  A snack of whole wheat pita bread, hummus and yellow and red bell peppers were enjoyed along with a short nutrition lesson.  The end to a perfect day!


By Karen Fong