Preparing Garden Beds at San Lorenzo High School

Working for Project EAT for some time has made me realize the importance of how to prep a garden bed. I've learned that prepping a garden bed is very tricky. Also it was very interesting to learn about how to hook up the irrigation system.

- by Justice Hunter

Project EAT is a very different job experience, because you get to go outside instead of being in a building. It's also good experience in case I want to grow a garden at home. Since I have worked with Project EAT during the summer, I've learned that having a healthy garden bed is key for a plant's growth.

- by Kaya Blake

Clearing out the beds ! Me and the girls are hard at work .  This bed was really hard but team work ensures success . We pulled out the basil and now we're putting in Garlic seeds for a nice harvest . We're really excited !

Here's a fun fact: did you know that if you plant one clove of garlic, it'll actually grow a whole garlic? Cool right?!

- by Courtney Obasohan