Rethink Your Drink at James Monroe Elementary

James Monroe’s first graders had the chance to rethink your drink on Tuesday, May 19th.  After, discussing their preferred drink choice where many gave answers like juice or the ever-popular soda, we pulled out the enticing rethink your drink container.  Many were excited to see orange slices in the water.  We heard comments like. “I bet it might taste like oranges not just water”.  We talked with the students about how easy it would be to add fruit to water at home.  They came up with many great ideas and were eager to go home to share them with their families.  When given the tasty drink to sample many thought it tasted great and asked for seconds.  They overwhelmingly gave it a thumbs up!  Our next step will be to incorporate this tasty drink into more classroom celebrations next year.

-By Lynnette Watkins