Schafer Park Elementary Students Learn Vocational Skills Delivering Harvest of the Month to Classrooms!

Third and fourth grade students in Room 7 at Schafer Park practice important skills by teaching peers about the Harvest of the Month produce they deliver! Each month before the students count, package and record the produce they deliver, they try it out first and learn about its nutritional value. Then they are off to the classrooms to share the knowledge and healthy treats with the school. 

Students were shy at first when they went to the classrooms to bring the Harvest, but before long they were confidently telling their peers and teachers all about the produce- its history, the main vitamins and nutrients and showing teachers where to sign for the delivery. 

Students practice math skills including counting and place value and learn how to read data from the delivery chart. They also learn professional behavior, good manners and confidence, but the best part is helping other students to be happy and healthy! 

- by Ginger Brown, HOTM Teacher Liaison at Schafer Park