Sprinkler Disaster Turned Around

As the event of the freshmen orientation began at Tennyson High School, the students had to go through multiple stations throughout the school. The event was put on by Tennyson High School staff, as a way to welcome them and to get the new students more involved with their school. Since high school is a whole new experience for freshmen, we decided to welcome them with a short tour in our farm. Our part in the event as Project EAT interns was to create some new activities. Making them as creative as possible, we thought it would be a good idea to convince our freshmen to wear a fruit costumes while racing. However the sprinklers were not originally part of the plan. The sprinklers had destroyed what Project EAT interns had originally put together, including a well worked on poster.

(poster before the sprinkler "disaster")

Although it may have seemed like a disaster at first, it had become part of the race. The day was burning hot; many did not want to put on a fruit suit and race through odd challenges. But many were up to dressing up and run through the sprinklers. Everyone enjoyed the idea of cooling off in the sprinklers and ending the station with smoothies before they had to leave. But one intern Donald had missed the start of a race and his chance to cool off in the refreshing water.

by Krystal Rollins and Nohemi Gomez, Project EAT summer interns