Tennyson High School Community Garden Volunteer Day

Thanks to everyone who helped out for the Tennyson High School Community Garden Volunteer Day.  We had a great turn out from the Cal State University East Bay Freshmen and also our own Project EAT interns and community members.  Check out these stories from our interns!

Today at the garden, we started by introducing ourselves to CSUEB college freshman by doing an icebreaker. Afterwards we separated into our groups and started working. One group mainly focused on doing physical work such as planting seeds and skimming the garden beds, while the other group focused on decorating and painting signs. After our lunch break we took a group photo where we posed as models and we took a video of everybody working. Afterwards we taught the college freshman about healthy eating and drinking, and we also talked about how much sugar a lot them consume each week.

- by Eliab and Aliyah

On Saturday March 28, Project EAT and Cal State East Bay College Freshmen came together to help clean the THS garden. First, we started off by meeting each other by playing games and finding common interests. We broke off in groups and worked in different parts of the garden. It was fun because we talked as we worked and learned more about college from the East Bay students. 

Afterwards we nailed pieces of wood together and painted on it for the garden. Some of the signs read "Gala apples, Carrots, Granny Smith apples, etc." It was very fun to sit relax and paint. 

We all learned a lot about health and how to eat better, and that a lot of fruits and vegetables can actually make up whole meals and taste really good and are really good for you. 

I would love to do this again. I met great people, learned new things, and had a great time and a lot of fun doing it! 

- by Alexandra