Castlemont Interns Working Hard in the Garden

By Project EAT Staff, December 10, 2015

We've been working on propagation! Castlemont apprentices have been dedicated working - seeding, thinning, transplanting, building our own greenhouse irrigation system and tending.


Preparing Garden Beds at San Lorenzo High School

By Project EAT Staff, November 20, 2015

Working for Project EAT for some time has made me realize the importance of how to prep a garden bed. I've learned that prepping a garden bed is very tricky.


Thank You for our Wood Chips!

By Project EAT Staff, November 13, 2015

It's amazing when the local businesses step up and help out our community gardens.  Project EAT would like to give a special thanks to RDO Equipment Company-Vermeer in Hayward for volunteering on the Tennyson High School Community Garden.


Project EAT High Schools Provide Produce for Local Farm-to-Fork Pop-Up Dinner

By Project EAT Staff, November 07, 2015

Project EAT has been producing food on two high school campuses for many years, but this year marks another milestone as it was the first time that our produce was featured in a restaurant.  The Cannery Café, located inside the Hayward Historical


Garden Beautification at Aspire College Academy

By Project EAT Staff, October 01, 2015

I helped out at a gardening event for Aspire for the kids and teachers.  I think this event helped Oakland so people can see what a healthy lifestyle is and them knowing they can do the same themselves.  I felt great helping out the community and


Tennyson High School Takes 1st Place at the National Heirloom Exposition

By Project EAT Staff, September 16, 2015

September 8-11, 2015 was the National Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa, California.  It is known as the World's Pure Food Fair with everything from keynote speakers, like world renowned F


Paradise Community Garden Spotlight - Sandra Nevala-Lee

By Project EAT Staff, June 18, 2015

As we near our one-year-anniversary for Paradise Community Garden, we would like to highlight our Community Gardeners who have helped make Paradise what it is today.  Check out Sandra's story:


Paradise Community Garden- Before and After

By Project EAT Staff, June 18, 2015

It's time to celebrate Paradise Community Garden's one year anniversary!  So much has changed in this old abandoned parking lot. Now it is a hub for health and community with free garden boxes and workshops. 


Rethink Your Drink at Faith Ringgold School

By Project EAT Staff, June 02, 2015

"OOO, smells so good." 

"Are we drinking soda?" 

"Can we eat the fruit too?" 

"The Special water really is SPECIAL!"