Year 1 Results from the Carol White Grant

By Project EAT Staff, December 12, 2014

The Carol White Grant provides an abundance of awesome opportunities for the schools it serves.  This includes new PE equipment, professional development for teachers, SPARK curriculum, after school staff trainings and equipment, nutrition educat


Trying Carrots for the First Time

By Project EAT Staff, December 01, 2014

"These don't even taste like carrots!"

To which I replied "No, this is what carrots actually taste like!"


Get Fresh! Stay Healthy! at Kaiser's Jumpers Class

By Project EAT Youth, November 25, 2014

Kaiser Pediatrics in Hayward holds a class called Jumpers hosted by Ms.Mendoza. It is an exercise and get fit class for children from the ages of six up to twelve where interns help them stay fit in a fun and exciting way.


Sugar Detectives at Kaiser Pediatrics

By Project EAT Youth, November 20, 2014

The event was at the pediatrics department at Kaiser.  The audience were parents with young children.  What we did was show parents and chidren how much sugar is in different drinks and cereals.  This activity helps my community by showing how mu


Health Fair at Tennyson High School

By Project EAT Youth, November 18, 2014

The Health Fair at Tennyson High School was my first event that I had to lead myself alongside my two crew members. I had no idea of what to expect on this day so I focused on staying excited and positive.


Making Persimmon Salsa at the Kaiser Nourish Class

By Project EAT Youth, November 15, 2014

Working with AJ at Kaiser and showing families how to make a seasonal salsa was so much fun.  We got to communicate with wonderful people who gave us ideas and opinions of what different types of salsas there are.  The time went by so fast but we


Students at Treeview Elementary Eat Witch Fingers on Halloween!

By Project EAT Staff, November 10, 2014

On October 31st, 5th grade students in room 18 at Treeview Elementary enjoyed a Healthy Halloween Lunchtime Party. The Healthy Halloween party items were available for students in their classroom the entire day!


Healthy Eating for Halloween at Fairview

By Project EAT Staff, November 02, 2014

Fairview had the honor to present students with a healthy alternative to candy for Halloween at their first annual Fall Festival.  Over 300 students had the opportunity to sample Elf Ears (Pita bread), Fried Zombie Eyes (dried


Healthy Party Celebration Idea

By Project EAT Staff, October 21, 2014

Are you looking for a healthy celebration idea?  Why no try fruit kebobs?  Students love to create patterns and then the best part is eating it afterwards. 


Schafer Park Elementary Students Learn Vocational Skills Delivering Harvest of the Month to Classrooms!

By Project EAT Staff, August 26, 2014

Third and fourth grade students in Room 7 at Schafer Park practice important skills by teaching peers about the Harvest of the Month produce they deliver!