Help Our Garden Grow

Outdoor Classroom Wish List

Help Our Garden Grow


Volunteers who can:
*Water over the summer
*Supervise students in the garden during class
Volunteers who have skills in the following areas:
*Landscape design
*Landscape architecture
 (Check out this testimonial from one of our volunteers!)



Volunteers that have a pickup truck to pick up loads of soil and compost
Donations of used or new gardening tools and supplies:
*Shovels, hoes, rakes, hand trowels, spading / digging forks, etc
*Garden hose reel cart
*Watering cans
*Children’s garden gloves
*Fruit trees
*Soil, compost, woodchips

* Download the PDF below to see the Tennyson High School Farm wish list

There is more than one way to support our gardens. Different opportunities are available depending on your interest, skill set, and schedule. See the documents below for more suggestions.