Harvest of the Month

What is Harvest of the Month?

Harvest of the Month (HOTM) is an initiative of the California Department of Public Health that features nutrition education tools and resources to support healthy lifestyle habits like eating fruits and vegetables every day.  Harvest of the Month highlights a seasonal produce of the month and provides students the opportunity to sample a fresh fruit or vegetable and learn about it.

What is Project EAT's partnership with Harvest of the Month?

As part of the HOTM program, Project EAT provides fruits and vegetables to over 10,000 students in Hayward, San Leandro, and San Lorenzo, as well as educational materials and professional development to teachers. 

What resources are available here from Project EAT?

Nutrition Competencies Matrix: Links the Nutrition Competencies- think nutrition standards- with math, ELA, ELD, social studeies and science standards at each grade level K-6. 

ELD Apple Lessons: A sequence of 3-4 lessons that combine the nutrition competency 1, ELD strategies, physical activity, outdoor education, and, of course, apples.  There is one set of lessons for each grade K-6. 

Explore the video introductions to the Matrix and ELD Apple Lessons.

Links to resources from Harvest of the Month are located in month tabs below. 

Competency 1: September

Competency 2: October

Competency 3: November

Competency 4: December

Competency 5: January

Competency 6: February

Competency 7: March

Competency 8: April