In the Garden

Ochoa Garden Spotlight

Anh Bui, 8th Grade

What makes our garden so special is that every person who came to the garden gave it a part of their soul.  I’m a student in the Ochoa Garden Club.  The Ochoa Garden, many years before, could have been an empty dirt space in the back of our school.  But over time, students and teachers from our school had worked on it.  Now, it is a place where the colors burst out, the wind often play, and the insects often visit.  Just picture yourself, just standing there, resting from shoveling or raking wood chips.  Ignore the noisy girls nearby and let their talking calm down to a low buzzing rustle.  Breathe in the air.  See the sunflowers, the barley, the plants dancing lightly from side to side with the rhythm of the wind.  That’s just what our garden feels like, an atmosphere so unique, so beautifully gorgeous.  This is why our garden is the most special. 

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