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Project EAT aims to provide community members with information and tools to facilitate behavior changes in their homes and community, so that they can create environments that support fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity and advocate for equitable access to healthy foods.

Harvest of the Month

To involve the community, Harvest of the Month community newsletters are distributed at community centers, school events, community health fairs, churches, public libraries, and grocery stores. The community newsletter, printed in various languages is intended to complement the other monthly elements and extend Harvest of the Month activities from the school to community. Each newsletter contains general information on the importance of nutrition and physical activity in maintaining good health. The newsletter contains general nutrition information and tips for selecting, storing and serving the featured produce item to encourage healthy food choices and increase fruit and vegetable consumption. It also provides shopper’s tips for selecting and storing the featured produce, healthy serving ideas featuring the fruit or vegetable, nutrition information about the featured produce. Lastly, it provides recommendations for daily amounts of fruits and vegetables by gender, age, and physical activity level and ideas for being more physically active that are appropriate for the season.

Bridge to Health Series

Project EAT reaches out to parents, families, and community members to inspire them to become participants in their own nutrition education and physical activity experience. Project EAT utilizes both structured and informal settings to create dialogues around nutrition and physical activity.

The Bridge to Health Academy is a free series of 5 weekly nutrition education classes that include physical activity, nutrition education lessons, hands-on cooking, and nutrition activities for parents and their families. Each class is two hours in length. This series uses the USDA’s (United States Department of Agriculture) MyPlate to promote the increased consumption of fruits and vegetables as well as to increase physical activity levels. 

Food and Fitness Festivals

The Food and Fitness Festivals provide a 12 station, hands-on, interactive experience for students, parents, families, and community members to promote nutrition education, physical activity, and awareness of the importance of fruits and vegetables for wellness.

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On May 6, 2016, the Project Eat Interns and Agriculture Science Class students hosted a healthstival at Tennyson high school. We had many educational and fun booths.

By Project EAT Staff

Big thank you to Erick from RDO for digging some ditches for us! With RDO's help we were able to get our new irrigation in the ground. Our back muscles say thank you!!

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On the 19th of February, I went to the Cannery Cafe to represent Project EAT and sell some of our produce we had available for the season. It was a very nice event and two other members of the Project EAT internship accompanied me.

By Project EAT Youth

In the beginning of my senior year I knew I had a passion for kids so I wanted to take my passion and make a change not only for children everywhere but also for myself. I noticed a big issue in society is that fast food restaurants are making people obese, more than in...